I think museums are amazing in kids’ education.  But, nowadays, admission tickets are getting really expensive.  While planning a trip to NYC and tinkering with which museums to visit (within our budget), I found this great blog that said a lot of popular museums in NYC have “suggested” admission fees.  […]

Affordable (even free) Museum Hopping

Digital devices habits can change your kid’s brain and her behaviors in these ways.  5 reasons you should delay the exposures as much as possible: Unable to control how much time you spend online Decrease your ability to multi-task (e.g., phantom vibration syndrome) Social media triggers the release of dopamine […]

5 Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain

The Huffington Post – Ann Brenoff “With college applications submitted and decisions trickling in, most parents are now focused on the scholarship phase — how to actually pay for things. A H/T to Tyler Hakes, marketing director of CollegeRaptor, for these tips on what some parents may be doing wrong.” […]

5 Ways Parents Hurt Their Kids’ Chances For A Scholarship

The Huffington Post – Grete DeAngelo “A recent study has been released that says helicopter parenting, especially in schoolwork, might backfire when it comes to promoting student success. You might think the most involved parents have the best students, but it’s not necessarily the case. Kids who never have to […]

Kids and Homework: Backing Off Is Best

The Telegraph – Guy Kelly “While the reasons for spending time with your child might seem obvious (it’s your child), researchers and scientists have long found that there are specific benefits to children whose fathers are present in their upbringing. If you want smarter, more confident and well-behaved children, it […]

Seven reasons why it’s essential children spend time with their ...

The Independent – Staff Writer “If you want your child to eat healthily, this is only achievable by changing their environment and what the adults in the home eat. We need to switch our focus away from categorising and judging to promoting eating well for overall health and well-being. We […]

10 food changes that will transform your child’s health

KSTU – Brooke Graham “When children are young, their brain development depends on certain types of movement for learning from birth all the way up to the age of 12, and even beyond. Those first few years are critical, and if your child or student demonstrates poor muscle strength or […]

Brain boosting exercises to do with your kids

The Wall Street Journal – Frank Wilczek “You might not expect to find challenging mathematics on supermarket magazine stands, but it is there in abundance. New collections of cerebral puzzles are always coming out (including a weekly feature in this section). Many, such as Sudoku, involve pattern recognition. Others, such […]

A Puzzling Solution for Math Education

Education Week – Amanda Koonlaba “We had planned this arts-integrated math lesson together. The students were learning about multiplying by multiples of ten in math class, and the teacher wanted the students to learn more about Cubism. So I created a presentation about Cubism. Since I teach visual art to […]

How to Teach Multiplication by Teaching Art

USA Today – Carly Stockwell “It seems like there are a lot of scholarships out there for the super-smart, athletically gifted, or the insanely talented. Heck, there’s even scholarships for being left-handed or tall. But what if you’re an average, right-handed, medium-height student? Don’t worry, there are plenty of scholarships […]

6 scholarships any student can win