Education Week – Amanda Koonlaba “We had planned this arts-integrated math lesson together. The students were learning about multiplying by multiples of ten in math class, and the teacher wanted the students to learn more about Cubism. So I created a presentation about Cubism. Since I teach visual art to […]

How to Teach Multiplication by Teaching Art

USA Today – Carly Stockwell “It seems like there are a lot of scholarships out there for the super-smart, athletically gifted, or the insanely talented. Heck, there’s even scholarships for being left-handed or tall. But what if you’re an average, right-handed, medium-height student? Don’t worry, there are plenty of scholarships […]

6 scholarships any student can win

The Atlanta Journal Constitution – Maureen Downey “Virginia elementary school teacher Launa Hall wrote a long, thoughtful piece for the Washington Post today on what happened when her district gave all her third graders iPads. Under the headline “I gave my students iPads — then wished I could take them […]

Every student got an iPad. Teacher says she regrets it

Pearson LearnED – Dr. Kimberly O’Malley “Just because the kids are home from school for the holiday break doesn’t mean that they should be glued to the TV or their iPhones. You can turn holiday days into learning fun. Even better, you don’t need to go out and buy any […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning Over the Holidays

ABC – Susan Pierotti “Making music is fun, but research shows it can be much more than an enjoyable experience…Making music is a complex brain task, and the more complex the music, the more opportunities there are for brain-building – this is why classical music often proves better for brain […]

7 ways a musical education can help a child’s brain

South China Morning Post – Heidi Stevens “Maybe you’ve seen those videos of children hearing for the first time, breaking into spontaneous, joyful grins, usually at the sound of their mother’s voice…Dana Suskind makes those moments happen. As a cochlear implant surgeon at the University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital, […]

How talking to children can help them reach their full ...

The Huffington Post – Laura Kraber “We all want the best for our children. Feeding our kids “real food” — natural, unprocessed, nutrient-dense meals — is one of the best ways to support their health and their future…Below are a few key recommendations and recipes to get you started with […]

6 Healthy Eating Strategies For Kids

The Huffington Post – Dr. B. J. Hardick “…all parents share a common desire, and that’s for their kids to do better. Every day, make it a little bit better than the last. How can my child perform better at school, or anything they set out to do? In all […]

5 Ways to Help Your Child Perform Better at School

Time – Drake Baer “The bad news: Our education system kinda skips one of them, which is terrifying, given that your ability to learn is such a huge predictor of success in life, from achieving in academics to getting ahead at work. It all requires mastering skill after skill. “Parents […]

4 Ways to Remember Everything You Learn

The Huffington Post – Jason Saltmarsh   “As schools rush to put digital devices in the hands of every student, many parents are becoming increasingly concerned about the quality of their children’s education. The promise of increased student achievement through the use of technology hasn’t really produced any significant results […]

Is Technology Hurting Our Kids?