The New York Times – NATHAN GEBHARD   “What will you be doing on this date 20 years from now? No, really. Try to answer that. Given what you know about your ever-changing self, and factoring in the breakneck pace of societal change, can you accurately predict what the future […]

Four Steps to Choosing a College Major

Chicago Tribune – John Carpenter “Everyone knows this picture: Parent or babysitter sits in a coffee shop staring at a smartphone, while a baby sits gurgling in a stroller. Those who’ve been in those trenches are perhaps less likely to judge, knowing that the space between joyful bursts of smiling […]

Is your technology hurting your child’s development?

NPR – Elissa Nadworny “So you finally get the chance to meet one-on-one with your child’s teacher — now what? Like a good Scout, be prepared: Educators agree that doing your homework before a parent-teacher conference can make a big difference. The Harvard Family Research Project’s Tip Sheet for Parents […]

How To Make The Most Of Your 10 Minutes With ...

NPR – Cory Turner “If you made it past the headline, you’re likely a student, concerned parent, teacher or, like me, a nerd nostalgist who enjoys basking in the distant glow of Homework Triumphs Past (second-grade report on Custer’s Last Stand, nailed it!). Whoever you are, you’re surely hoping for […]

Homework: New User’s Guide

Huffington Post – Jason Saltmarsh “As schools rush to put digital devices in the hands of every student, many parents are becoming increasingly concerned about the quality of their children’s education. The promise of increased student achievement through the use of technology hasn’t really produced any significant results in the […]

Is Technology Hurting Our Kids?

Tech in Asia – Hoa Ho-Kim “I remember growing up with The Green Fairy (a popular local story series) and Doraemon when I was a little girl. TV and radio were the only kinds of technology-based means of entertainment we had at that time and I was totally comfortable with […]

To children, are smart devices new means of education or ...

The Sydney Morning Herald – Anita Collins “Is the answer to the complex issue of raising literacy and numeracy standards just about giving more “prime learning” time and emphasis in every school day to these areas? And if it is, why aren’t we seeing the results of these changes schools […]

Music education key to raising literacy and numeracy standards

The U.S. News and World Report – Sara Lappe, M.D. “Let’s face it: We have all played on our phone while with our kids. Whether it’s a quick text or a social media post, it can be difficult put the electronics down. I’m guilty of it, and most parents are […]

How Electronics Could Be Affecting Your Child’s Health

Faculty Focus – Laura Trujillo-Jenks, PhD, and Lisa Rosen, PhD “There are many ways to get students engaged in a classroom, but when topics are controversial or taboo, students may shy away from sharing their thoughts on the subject. In contrast, some may be so overly passionate about a topic […]

Fostering Student Learning through the Use of Debates

The Language Magazine – Lina Sun “From the aforementioned studies, one can come to some first conclusions: Studying graphic novels can support language learning in the same way as reading traditional literary works and other prose texts. The combination of visual representations and narrative construction may help the student to […]

Reading: Words and Pictures