Parenting Books

From time to time, we get recommendations from successful parents around us on parenting books. So, here they are (we will expand list and will take recommendations too):

  • The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise: This book will instruct parents, step by step, on how to give their children academically rigorous, comprehensive education from preschool through high school.  Veteran home educators Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer outline the classical pattern of education called the trivium, which organizes learning around the maturing capacity of the child’s mind and comprises three stages: the elementary school “grammar stage,” the middle school “logic stage,” and the high school “rhetoric stage.” Using this theory as your model, you’ll be able to instruct your child in all levels of reading, writing, history, geography, mathematics, science, foreign languages, rhetoric, logic, art, and music, regardless of your own aptitude in those subjects.  (this book was recommended to us by a very successful homeschool parent who sent both of their children to Princeton).